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Creating an environment that supports health and wellness at the work place is key to boosting your team's morale and goals for self-care. We encourage you to invest and elevate your company’s wellness culture.

Sitting in meetings and at a desk can be tough on the body creating chronic pain in the shoulders, back, neck and knees. In addition, staring at a computer for long hours is often a catalyst for blurry vision, headaches and/or migraines which can create more stress as the day moves forward.

Our goal is to create healthy movement of Qi (energy) flowing through the body so that we can create more balance.


The Importance of Self-Care at work

Health and well-being hold a lot of weight in our day-to-day lives that extend outside the home to the boardroom and beyond. When we are at a more balanced state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually we can take that positive life force forward into all areas of our daily experiences with loved ones, co-workers and most importantly with ourselves.

Acupuncture For Employees Supports:

Anxiety  -  Depression  -   Stress Management  -  Mental Clarity/Focus

Chronic Pain  -  Migraines/Headaches  - Digestive issues  and much more


Concierge Wellness Services

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