Inspired by my Haitian roots I wanted to create a brand that would not only taste good but be beneficial to the body and soul. Growing up my grandmothers and mother reached for dried plants also known as "Fèy" to treat ailments from a common cold to high blood pressure. Usually before turning to over the counter remedies, we would always go into our herbal medicine cabinet and would suffer through the sometimes awful tasting concoctions and infusions. Thankfully the wisdom of my mothers always proved that Fèy should always be available to you as an option. Fèy has always been a part of my life and naturally my interest in herbs and natural remedies peaked as I became older. Hence, the birth of TeaFèy became my goal to create small-batch organic handcrafted teas that enliven the senses, balance the body, and promote a healing space from within. Layering color, aroma and flavor is an inspiring and creative process for me. It's all about weaving together a tapestry of taste that opens the palate into pleasant awareness. I'm constantly learning, challenged, growing and experimenting in my TLab and am always amazed when I get a happy smile from the tea connoisseur to the novice. My intention is simple, "Enjoy Your Tea!".