Why Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has the ability to help you with a myriad of issues that range from Pain Management, Boosting Energy, Depression and Anxiety, Women's Health & Mental Clarity

Often times, patients seek out acupuncture when all else just hasn't helped or alleviated symptoms. My goal is to approach each patient holistically, not just based on symptoms alone. I believe getting healthier is a cooperative team effort that begins with your earnest desire to be better, and I'm here to support that process. With patience, getting regular treatments will boost your overall health and emotional wellness.

My practice focuses on treating emotional/depressive disorders, women’s health, fertility, pain management and general ailments, like the common cold. I use various East Asian complimentary modalities such as cupping, tui na massage, e-stim, and gua sha. In addition, I work with pure essential oils on acupuncture points to further enhance the movement and flow of mind, spirit and body. 



Initial Acupuncture Session, 90 min


All New Patients Must Have Initial Consultation. As a new patient your first session will run for 90 minutes. Initial sessions include an in depth intake of health history and current state of health. Your vital signs will be taken, including examination of tongue and pulse, and finally your 30-40 minute treatment. Book Here


Follow-up Acupuncture session, 60 min


Returning Patients Only. Follow-up sessions will run for approximately an hour reviewing your progress. First 20-30 minutes include a brief intake, vital signs and examination of tongue and pulse and final 30 minutes of treatment. Book Here

I also offer packages & monthly subscriptions at reduced rates here