Facial Rejuvenation

Also known as cosmetic acupuncture, is an age-old practice that is an effective non-surgical and painless way to minimize the appearance of fine lines as well as deeper wrinkles, puffiness, premature aging, as well as help diminish acne breakouts and scars. After one treatment you will have improved circulation and boost the body's natural response to well-being. Facial Rejuvenation works on the body at a deeper, constitutional level that will allow proper movement and flow of the lymphatic system. In addition to acupuncture we will apply facial cupping and gentle gua sha to get you "the glow" you so deserve.


Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncture - Single Session

90 minutes. Includes Facial Cupping & Gua Sha


Facial Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Acupuncture, 12 session series

Weekly sessions. 90 minutes. Includes Facial Cupping & Gua Sha. Receive a AcuLift DermaRoller when this series is purchased.

**For optimal results 12 sessions are the best value**

Flexible payment options available


Facial Cupping & Gua sha

30 minutes. Needle-Free sessions using facial cupping and jade facial gua sha tool to further enhance and boost the drainage of lymphatic system, lift and firm skin, and invigorate skin for that healthy glow. Available as single session and 5 sessions.