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Inspired by my Haitian roots I wanted to create a brand that would not only taste good but be beneficial to the body and soul.


My goal was simple: create small-batch organic handcrafted teas that enliven the senses, balance the body, and promote a healing space from within.

Layering color, aroma and flavor is an inspiring and creative process for me. It's all about weaving together a tapestry of taste that opens the palate into pleasant awareness.

Growing up my grandmothers and mother reached for dried plants also known as "Fèy" to treat ailments from a common cold to high blood pressure.  Fèy should always be available to you as an option. 


My Intention 

Enjoy Your Tea!

Listen to Walda share her inspiration and process with tea blending and how she connects with her customers to help them create their custom blends.

Tea Blending Workshops takes participants on a sensory journey