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We always strive for the best


Walda is an “Extraordinary and Unique Acupuncturist”. She has been a viable transitioning force in my life. She accomplished what medication was unable to do. I suffered with Ocular Migraines for several years. The pain was so intense, that I would literally experience blindness in my left eye. 

I met Walda in February 2017. She believed that emotional components were connected to physical pain and heart to heart talks were essential to get to the root of the best Acupuncture Treatment Plan. I was in the midst of my storm. I suffered from Ocular Migraines, SLE Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, extreme Vitamin D and B12 Deficiency and was hospitalized for two weeks due to Lupus Flair that incapacitated my left kidney.  


Daughter was on the Liver Transplant List

Grief: Loss of my two month old Grandson to SIDS

Divorce proceedings (20 year marriage)

Selling My Coop

Searching/Relocating to a new home

Transferring to a new division at work (Training)

Matriarch, overseeing family drama

Walda was extremely compassionate and encouraging. In conjunction with Acupuncture treatments, she taught me how to meditate, breathe, and control stress by not reacting to circumstances beyond my control She genuinely cared, brought calmness to my spirit and emphasized the importance of quiet time, silence, stillness, Zen music and Salt lamps; setting the tone to hear my inner voice. Meditation has brought me inner-peace, stability, enhanced coping skills and growth. I am no longer a Migraine sufferer. Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, I am stronger, healthier, wiser and in control. I am able to “Live Life to the Fullest”. 

-Sharon S. / New York City


Walda is an exceptional acupuncturist. She is highly professional, personable and empathetic. She was extremely welcoming and her gentle manner combined with her attention to detail would put any nervous patient at ease. She gave me a comprehensive assessment and her holistic approach leads to a very healing treatment session. I am looking forward to my next treatment!

-Margaret K. / Visiting from Ireland


Walda is a phenomenal healer. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of physical, mental or emotional healing

My story begins with Walda with a hiatal hernia, it caused me great pain and lead to an extremely restricted diet for long over a year. I was told that the only thing that could help me was a pharmaceutical drug, that with long term use would heavily deplete calcium levels in my body  - not ideal as a woman but what choice did I have? I took the drug, ate the blandest of foods and still I suffered. Enter Walda, through her amazing techniques over the course of a few short months my hernia pain disappeared completely! I had not been able to take even half a beer without EXTREME acid reflux for over a year and now I can eat anything without issue. She has changed my life.

I also did deep emotional work with Walda clearing past patterns and in particular not feeling good enough to move forward in my career. Walda helped me break the chains of what was mentally and emotionally holding me back and I now have my dream job. I get paid well to draw ALL day- seriously. Walda helped ground me, calm me down, bring me back into my body and step into my power. I am truly blessed to have met Walda and I am eternally grateful for everything she has helped me with. 

In short if you have any issue and you are open to be healed you need to go see Walda, no matter what it is she will be able to help you on some level. This woman needs her own clinic!

-Shelley K. / Brooklyn, NY


Walda is an intuitive holistic practitioner who listens for what ails you physically, energetically and emotionally. I was lucky enough to stumble upon her attentive care when I was looking for relief from seasonal allergies. Since then we've been working to treat the underlying causes and I wouldn't entrust my treatment to anyone else! Under her care, not only have my symptoms been reduced, but I've regained renewed energy in other aspects of my life as well. I would definitely recommend her!

-Danielle C. / Brooklyn, NY


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Walda, and being treated by her, at the Pacific College of Acupuncture during 2016. Walda has been the primary Intern I’ve dealt with for a recent IBS condition. Her care, knowledge of nutrition, acupuncture skills and technique used to tackle my sometimes out of control IBS symptoms, as well as the anxiety that emanates from this condition, has helped me to get control of these daily symptoms.

She takes a weekly symptom history each time I’m seen by her in order to track the symptoms and results from prior treatments. She can adjust her technique to whatever approach is needed. Walda is a very thoughtful and caring practitioner.

I’m sure that any patient that seeks a competent and caring practitioner would feel confident and relaxed in Walda’s hands.  With great satisfaction.

-Johanna B. / Edgewater, NJ


I had never thought about seeking acupuncture services until several months ago following my wife's surgery in February of 2016. I initially requested a session to support my wife, but quickly learned that I was able to benefit personally from acupuncture as delivered by Walda Laurenceau. Since that time, my wife and I have had regularly scheduled sessions and love the care and attention that Ms. Laurenceau provides in her delivery of care.

-Nashon H. / Lawrenceville, NJ


I had surgery in February of 2016 where my foot was basically, re-built and it was a painful recovery. After four months of bed rest I was allowed to walk on it again and boy did I have problems! Everyday my foot would swell up so big it looked like an elephant foot. I had no Doctor visits because they said the swelling would go away over the next month or so but it didn't. In some areas it got worse.

Not knowing what to do my husband remembered Walda's practice and so, we went. Immediately after the first treatment the swelling began to go down!I have had several treatments since then and am so thankful for my loving husband's suggestion. Walda's treatments have given me my foot back and so much more. I have begun losing weight, feeling better about me and did I mention I can walk like a normal person again?!

Thank you so much Walda for your expertise, your patience with me, and most of all for having this practice.  Your patient for life

-Melissa H. / Lawrenceville, NJ